Sanctified Time Pass 16/02/15

Today, we start a new edition in the blog. Right here, every Monday, you can check in for some material to help you with time pass for your upcoming workweek. In it, you will find 5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles from around the web. Also, I will include one faith-strengthening video for you “read-haters” out there. Finally, I will leave you with a verse from Scripture that will help us meditate on the Word of God that Vivek is bringing us from the first Sunday.

My prayer is that you will use these links and resources when you need a break at work from the humdrum of the job, when you are not motivated in your passion for Christ during the week, when you are tempted to judge or be envious of things on social media… or maybe just something that will put you to sleep at night! Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 16/02/15”

So I am A Christ-follower And I Wanna Date A Non-Christ Follower!

“I don’t think it’s wrong that I date or marry this person who is not a follower of Christ. I am convinced God wants me to marry this person.

Have you not heard these words before? Have you said these words or felt them yourself?

Indeed, what is wrong if a follower of Christ falls in love with someone who is not? Probably this non-believer is a very good friend… someone who understands you like almost no one else can. They are compatible with you, have a very good-nature and in their behaviour, they even beat Christians!  So, is it wrong to date a non-Christian like that?

Probably as a Christian, you wonder if the Bible is silent on this matter. What does God’s Word have to say about a question that is more relevant in our churches than we think? Continue reading “So I am A Christ-follower And I Wanna Date A Non-Christ Follower!”

Why the Delhi Elections Couldn’t Have Gone Wrong

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Probably not many elections for a union territory have generated the interest that the 2015 elections for New Delhi have. Given the apathy a lot of us in India are susceptible to, the interest India has showed in these elections has been huge. There are exceptions of course, like when Narendra Modi’s “wave” swept BJP into power to form the National Government in 2014.

Showdown between AAP and BJP
But nothing prepared India for the contest at Delhi. Reality was taking the shape of a political thriller-movie. Continue reading “Why the Delhi Elections Couldn’t Have Gone Wrong”