Kinder than God above

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Sometimes we Christians think we are better at showing kindness than God.

I know I have felt so; thought so.

And so comes the state where the “goodness of people” is pitted against the goodness of God.

Thus, we exhibit the fact that we eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So we know better than the Lord, even this very hour.

Our judgement of kindness is better than the judgement of He who spared not His own Son. Continue reading “Kinder than God above”

If The Islamic State Militants Don’t Find Jesus

Vengeance, ISIS, Jordan, Video

Yesterday, the Islamic State militants executed a captive pilot by burning him alive .

The brutal execution, the unspeakable way in which the video footage was edited and shot as if it was a High-definition TV show, defies the usual definition of brutality.On an ordinary day, I would want people all over the world, to find new life in Jesus Christ. Today seemed different.

As a Christian, I need to love these militants because we were taught by our Lord, to love our enemies and pray for them. He left us that example too. But how? I have to first get rid of the hatred, the size of a horse, sitting on my chest. I can’t even imagine the relatives of the 26-year old pilot burning up inside for vengeance.

Vengeance, ISIS, Jordan, Video

I am almost hoping that the Islamic State militants won’t find the hope of new life in Jesus. Continue reading “If The Islamic State Militants Don’t Find Jesus”