Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves

The way my work-life is turning out is just splendid. Chief Finance Officer is just a label. I literally am in command of crores of investment and the 7,000 bank accounts in this company.

2,500,000,000 bank accounts on earth. I ensure they will stay active one more day because I want them to.

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Losing count?

I am the best gynaecologist this city has ever had. Not one failure in 7 years. I have even conducted 40 deliveries in one single day.

I will make possible the birth of 3,60,000 men and women, just today. I will manage their parents, mid-wives, their C-sections, the doctors and nurses who need to get to the hospitals and homes alive and sane. Continue reading “Let The Numbers Speak For Themselves”

Sanctified Time Pass 23/03/15

Welcome back! I pray that your week will be blessed and you will be reminded of your inheritance with Christ. Here is some links and a video that will help you with that:

5 Heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

What if Singleness is my Fairy Tale
I have posted several links about marriage and family. Today, here are some posts for the single audience. This one is directed more for women, yet also practical for men. Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 23/03/15”

Why do “good people” hurt others?

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There is a popular belief prevalent in today’s mindset. It is this – “There is god in every person. The divine force is in ALL of us, we just need to channel it.”

Sounds true, right? It becomes interesting when people who believe this are confronted with mindless evil. They tend to pin the blame on some sections of society and upbringing, moments after attributing “god” to all mankind.

Newspapers would make such people even more uncomfortable. Ugly news surfaces each day, thanks to the dangerous people. Take a second look though. The bad people are actually, the “good people”. The “good” uncle molests his young nephew. The “good” Bank officer lady bolts with the hard-earned money of pensioners. A “good” civil engineer burns his wife and children to death because he tested HIV positive. Continue reading “Why do “good people” hurt others?”

Sanctified Time Pass – The Goodness Gospel

As you apply yourself at work, take a break and enjoy some nice reading and meditating from these links:

5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

4 Reasons to Beware the Goodness Gospel
There is a gospel that is flooding our churches that is not the real gospel. This false gospel will tell us that we need to “do better and try harder.” Their message is that God is only pleased with us if we do good. Are we listening to this gospel?

4 Characteristics of Legalism
Because we are listening to the ‘goodness gospel,’ many of us will also, very subtly, be preaching that message. How do we know if we have been brainwashed by this false gospel? Well, we will turn ourselves into legalists. And what does that look like? Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass – The Goodness Gospel”