Damaging Stories We Tell Ourselves

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The destiny of the world is determined less by the battles that are lost and won than by the stories it loves and believes in. —Harold Goddard

The autowala dropped me off under the halogen lights at the busy intersection. I had been feeling almost as helpless as the baby I was holding.

I was on a visit to get my child the first of his many vaccinations. My wife was still in the hospital recovering from the delivery. Her mother couldn’t accompany me either. Before leaving, the three of us (not the baby) had had a huge disagreement on how to get a day-old baby safely to the paediatrician’s. Continue reading “Damaging Stories We Tell Ourselves”

Extremism in My Religion?!

devotion,idolatry,idol worship, good things vs god things, the first commandment, extremely devoted, C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, demon, devil, deception

Have you ever met a person who’s extremely devoted to their work?

You know – the guy who reaches home from work at 9:30pm and hardly grumbles about it because he loves what he is doing. The missionary or pastor who rushes to counsel troubled families in slums at 1am. The teenager who wakes up at 4 am to study for her biology exam.

The company or school recognizes their contribution- Star employee of the year. Rank #1 in the class. It takes a while but the missionary features in a couple of magazines, not to mention the monthly newsletter that is commended by their home-church.

His cubicle is adorned with certificates, maybe a trophy or two.

She loves the way she gets all the answers right and is not wasting her time unlike some others in her class.

In the world of Christians, you will find almost all of us passionate about one thing or the other. There are those of us who are devoted to “social media justice”. We share and re-share the latest outrage and call out for justice on Facebook and Twitter. Our time and efforts are spent on ensuring that the latest “stand for justice” is taken.

Other Christians are all about healthy living. The right kind of diet, cookies, juices, whole wheat, organic (or metallic), on it goes.

devotion,idolatry,idol worship, good things vs god things, the first commandment, extremely devoted, C.S. Lewis, The Screwtape Letters, demon, devil, deception

Some others are passionate about the right exercise and body-building techniques. Others love to get their parenting technique perfect to the last word and can correct anyone whose techniques appear faulty. Continue reading “Extremism in My Religion?!”

Moganlal vs Shoganlal – An Independence Day Story.

Once upon a time there lived two brothers in the country of Azad, named Moganlal and Shoganlal.
Not one family in Azad has forgotten the fateful day when the two brothers faced each other in court. But that story has to wait until we hear the story of Azad’s freedom.

The cost of Azad’s freedom
The prosperous and famous nation of Azad had various governors ruling over them who sold their land, their people and their freedom into the hands of a foreign superpower for personal benefit. This superpower, for decades and decades, oppressed them, plundered away their resources, almost ruined this beautiful nation and had laid heavy taxes on them.


Anything for freedom, Credits

The people of Azad hated their slavery. Many of them often tried to fight the superpower, but were no match to the enemy’s schemes. The ruling powers always overthrew them with manipulation.
There was always some price that Azad-wale were willing to pay to let their slavery continue. It could be money, women, free bungalows or even free wi-fi for life. Continue reading “Moganlal vs Shoganlal – An Independence Day Story.”