When Christians Try to be the Flash, Superman and Batman

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What! Do Christians really try to be these superheroes?

Do they begin with wearing tight, spandex costumes?

Wait, that could get ugly.

Superhero Code Explained
The Flash is very fast. He can be at two places at almost the same time. Superman is all-powerful. No burden too heavy, that he can’t lift, amen! The Batman is more intelligent than most superheroes put together. His genius is so notorious, he once devised a contingency plan to kill major superheroes – including himself, in case they all went rogue.

Let’s say the Flash represents man’s attempt at omnipresence, the ability to be at so many places and do countless things. Superman represents our hopes of omnipotence, powerful beyond the normal, and Batman, omniscience or knowing how to solve all situations.

You might say, “but these qualities belong to God!”. Very well, now we know how we Christians try to be God. Gotcha, idolatry.

At least, that is the premise of the book, Sensing Jesus, where Zack Eswine exposes Christian attempts to be like God. I was, of course, too busy(?!) to read Eswine’s book until my wife reading it caught my attention. Continue reading “When Christians Try to be the Flash, Superman and Batman”