Re-align 2014 : What was it ALL about?

Re-align 2014! At this year’s church camp there was tranquility, rejoicing & fun over the weekend with church family from across Marg, at YMCA Camp Lakeside, Nilshi.

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Pictures courtesy – Romilla William

Below is a summary of the 4 sessions that helped remember and better understand foundational truths and Spirit’s expectations in church life.

Session 1 : A discussion of the Good News, which reminded us that there was bad news-the reality of God’s wrath for all of us- from which Jesus rescued us and, thus were made members of the household of God- something we never, ever deserved. Eph 2:19. Also, we learnt to make practical this family aspect by doing God’s will about it ; covenanting to participate in weekly church gatherings, discipling one another in small D.N.A groups and demolishing formality on Sunday gatherings.

Session 2 : A practical look at some commands of “one-another” service within the church body. Verses like 1 Cor 14:26 (each person looking to build the other through the week) and Eph 4:32 (being tender-hearted toward those who offend us inside the church family) were discussed.

Session 3 : Gospel truth impacts our financial giving. From God’s people in Exodus giving tons of gold as a free-will offering to the Lord, to the poverty-stricken Macedonian church pouring help to the Jerusalem church, people who saw God on their side and happily bid farewell to their wealth. We were encouraged to budget finances not with a concrete wallet, but with a wallet ready to give; to make wise investments but to not plan life around them; “freely we have received, freely we give”.

Session 4 : A topic to crown them all, we actively discussed three ways to pursue love from 1st Corinthians 13, part of a letter written to a largely love-less church family-
Keep love first among spiritual gifts, faith and knowledge.
In action, Demonstrate/show love in 2 specific ways Jesus did to you to 2 church folks you have not been loving.
Plan life around love and be fascinated by it and not around faith,knowledge.

This is Re-align 2014 captured for you. For more information, contact us and we will tell you more about our journey of re-aligning to our loving Lord’s purposes!

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