Astrology ke massive side-effects – Part 1

My wife & her family members were glued to the TV show. Curious, I sat down- I had little knowledge of Tamil, but my father-in-law explained how the show has people with opposing views question each other on television. That night, there were renowned astrologers on one side & regular people on the other, who wanted to challenge their claims of prediction.

If there’s one nation concerned big time about their future, it’s our India.

When will my daughter find a suitable groom?

Will I get a job this year?

What pooja must I perform to get a Visa to the U.S?


Questions that trouble the hearts of the high-flying and the low-lying in India are answered by a plethora of astrologers & “Sun-sign” Zodiac columns in newspapers.

My wife told me later that some predictions on the show sounded convincing to her. I could understand her feelings: listen to a seasoned astrologer for 10 minutes & you would begin to think he knows your past AND your future! Interestingly she also pointed out that few astrologers in the TV show predicted a grim future. Almost all astrologers assured every listener a smooth sailing out of troubled waters. You see, with some payment to the astrologer & some corrective rituals, you hope to control your fate- you hope to direct your life to where you want it to go.

The episode saddened me. It also enraged me. People- in the audience, hundreds of thousands watching that show – centering their lives & hopes on these “prophets’” words; mere men who claim to know the future but will inevitably lead them away from Him who made them & who truly cares for them. Instead of using sufferings to turn to Christ the Lord these false prophets like those of Israel old, proclaim peace when there is none. Jeremiah 6:10-15

How sad to see grown-ups act like expectant 5-year olds before these shop-keepers of false fortunes! How must the Good Shepherd’s anger burn against these men, ripping off others. Who can save people who gladly would do anything astrologers command but will become skeptical the moment you take the name of Jesus? They scorn the only One who paid with His life for their sins which will call out for judgement on the last Day. That day, will all the money & time spent on astrology pay off?

What is your take on astrologers in India today?

Here is an interesting experiment that exposes Indian astrology.

Next part– What is wrong in following accurate astrologers and planning your future wisely?

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