Sanctified Time Pass – Fight sin

Many of us hate sin. We wish we could be kind, generous, pure, and well-meaning people, but oftentimes we are debilitated to actually fighting the remaining sin in our lives. Use your spare time this week to rummage through these articles and be convinced in your own mind of the need to combat the sin in your life.

Sin: Can’t Live With it, Won’t Live Without it
This mindset is a must for all Christians. We must see ourselves as born-again believers who cannot stand to have sin remain in our lives. That is not who we are anymore, it’s not our identity.

Will This Change your Mind?
Maybe, the reason that many of us feel that sin has a grip on our lives is because we don’t feel the weight of sin. It’s not that big of a deal to us.

Sometimes Flight is the Best Fight
Yes, many times you need to fight sin. But is that the wisest thing to do all the time? This article argues times that it may be best to flee and run far, far away from sin. We have also wrote a dialogue concerning this topic.

A Spirit-led Life is a Sin-killing Life
I have linked to this article before, but I thought it was prevalent to this topic. As we throw around what it means to live by the Spirit, this is one of the important things that the Spirit does in our life. If we say we live by the Spirit, then we will be fighting against sin.

5 Reasons You Need Accountability
Lest you start thinking that fighting sin is just between you and the Spirit, God has also designed the church in such a way as to come alongside and support and encourage you in the fight. We need one another for such an important task. See also this link to get you started.

Romans 8:12-13 So then, brothers, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to live according to the flesh. For if you live according to the flesh you will die, but if by the Spirit you put to death the deeds of the body, you will live.

Sanctified Time Pass – A Theology of Work

Welcome to Monday. Are you excited to worship God today at work?… Yes, you read that correctly. Worship God at the office. But I’m afraid that many days we despise going to work. We begin to think, “I’m doing the work for some secular boss, when I could be going out and doing real work for the Lord.” If these are your thoughts, then today’s post will do you a lot of good.

5 Heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

How to find joy and meaning in your work
Let’s be honest. Many of us wish we loved our jobs more. Many of us want a higher calling in life rather than the 9-5 Mon-Fri job. This article will recalibrate our hearts to know that our higher calling is our 9-5 Mon-Fri job.

4 Reasons why God wills work
That’s right. Our jobs are not a “necessary evil” put here so that we can give more or to pass our time until we do more important stuff. Rather, it is in God’s perfect pleasure that we are to work and that is for our good!

Beauty of manual labor
This theology of work is not just for the guys in a cushy office chair, but it’s across all levels of work – even those who work under the hot sun as daily wage workers. Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass – A Theology of Work”