Sanctified Time Pass 09/03/15

The weekend is gone. Party time is over. Back to the daily grind of office and work. But here are some things to get you through the day if you need a break.

5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

Passionately Pleading with God is a Good Thing
I used to think that it was offensive to God to plead with him. I felt that if I did that, I’m acting as if He doesn’t know our needs, like He is not all knowing. If you feel the same way, this article will give you some clarity.

The Danger of Pet Sins
Too often, we want to rank our sins and pretend that they aren’t that bad. Each of us has our sins that we know that we struggle with, but either we feel powerless to overcome them, or unmotivated to fight against them. What should be our battle plan?

Who Wrote your Gospel?
This is challenging writing. Many of us are too dependent on others to hear from God and knowing what His Word says. Which gospel are we following? The gospel that was given to us by God, or our favorite pastor or friend? Are we discovering the gospel for ourselves? Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 09/03/15”

Sanctified Time Pass 02/03/15

Coming to you live once again this wonderful Monday is a few things to pass your time. Become a little more informed and a little more challenged as you get on with your work week. Enjoy!

5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

The greatest illustrated story
In every culture, across every span of time, stories will string us together. We will always be a story-telling culture, no matter where we are. And God is telling His story everywhere.

Want to be a relevant Christian? Quote Scripture
We never fail at wanting to have a voice in our societies. We will go to great lengths to have this voice. And Paul says he did the same thing (1 Cor 9). But we must never lose the power that speaking the Word of God has to people’s lives.

When Africa bleeds
Much attention is given to France and other European countries when terror strikes, and rightly so. But is this the only place that terrorists are striking? And if it isn’t, why aren’t we seeing it happen elsewhere? Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 02/03/15”

Sanctified Time Pass 23/02/14

Happy Monday to you all. As many of you start your workweek, here are some ways for you to take some time out for time-pass at the office.

5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

Should we pray for the defeat of ISIS, or for their gospel-transformation?
An excellent question in a tough situation and the author nails it right on the head. This is especially written in light of the 21 Christians who were beheaded at the hands of the ISIS last weekend.

Do we deserve heaven?
Here is another excellent question brought by the author. If you are thinking that what you are doing for God is actually gaining you any favor, this article will hit you like a ton of bricks. Just a warning.

Who are you married to?
Are you seeing a pattern here? This article will help you understand what it would be like to be married to two different husbands – Mr. Law and Mr. Grace. Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 23/02/14”

Sanctified Time Pass 16/02/15

Today, we start a new edition in the blog. Right here, every Monday, you can check in for some material to help you with time pass for your upcoming workweek. In it, you will find 5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles from around the web. Also, I will include one faith-strengthening video for you “read-haters” out there. Finally, I will leave you with a verse from Scripture that will help us meditate on the Word of God that Vivek is bringing us from the first Sunday.

My prayer is that you will use these links and resources when you need a break at work from the humdrum of the job, when you are not motivated in your passion for Christ during the week, when you are tempted to judge or be envious of things on social media… or maybe just something that will put you to sleep at night! Continue reading “Sanctified Time Pass 16/02/15”