E3 Ministries

E3 Ministries has one mission: to equip churches to entrust the message to faithful men who establish their church for means of expansion of the church in our city. We address the need for many churches in Pune, Maharashtra and beyond, who struggle with how to train their leaders. The traditional method is to send our qualified men to be trained in seminary away from their local context of ministry. But this is not how the Lord Jesus nor the Apostle Paul trained their men. Rather we long to see churches in Pune to return to the way of Christ and his Apostles and to see the church expand throughout India similar to the book of Acts through the Holy Spirit.

E3 Ministries aims to put the training in the hands of the local church. We provide material and courses to churches who desire to follow Paul’s instruction to entrust to faithful men the message that was preached to them (2 Tim 2:2). This is done through an accredited program from the USA which offers a Master’s and Bachelor’s level courses for church leadership. We also desire to put books, audio, video and a host of other resources that we can put into the hands of church leaders free of cost that will assist them to establish their church for the sake of expansion.

For more Information please contact us at: info@margfamilies.com or Vivek@margfamilies.com.

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