Kinder than God above

Sometimes we Christians think we are better at showing kindness than God.

I know I have felt so; thought so.

And so comes the state where the “goodness of people” is pitted against the goodness of God.

Thus, we exhibit the fact that we eat of the tree of knowledge of good and evil. So we know better than the Lord, even this very hour.

Our judgement of kindness is better than the judgement of He who spared not His own Son.

We also believe that the salvation of “regular”, mentally capable folks is less supernatural than the salvation of someone with Alzheimer’s; or with Down’s syndrome; or another nightmare from hell for you and me.

broken world, alzheimers, downs syndrome, more kind than God, Christ the compassionate, Blind, the problem of evil, I am the problem
This world is broken – for now


Would not have those in Jerusalem said this of the blind men – “But they can’t even see Him. How will they believe his deeds?” ?

And of course, Jesus Christ was stymied at the power of blindness that stood between him and the blind;
between Him and the epileptic;
between Him and the psychotic who has lost touch with reality.

Maybe we have forgotten that Christ doesn’t need us to rescue anyone from their sins.

The creator of Water may not need us to carry water to the thirsting and dying.

Master of heaven and earth, may I believe that I could be instrumental , never decisive.

Help me out, Jesus, when I think I know who deserves kindness; and who doesn’t.

Help me out when, I think I “feel” deeper than the Man at Calvary.

Have mercy on me, Son of God.

I might be worse than everybody I know, in doubting you.

Blessed are those who do not see, and yet are appointed to believe.

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