A Love Letter To Christian Parents

Dear Christian parent at Marg Wanowrie church,

You might have just heated up an early dinner for your child.
Let’s say that was the plan!

As a responsible parent, you want to give your best to your child. You have read really good authors on parenting. Heard powerful sermons on Godly parenting by the best preachers in Christendom. You hope that your child will soon exhibit the results of your renewed efforts. But you cringe at those times when your child disobeys you, launches a ball and breaks a china plate at someone else’s house. You dread your church members shaking their heads in disapproval at your child’s behaviour.

Or maybe you have been parenting according to the ways of this world and are pained at the consequences. You might be feeling guilty of encouraging sinful behaviour. Maybe you have disciplined her for the 19th time today-yet there is no obedience with joy, forget “first-time obedience”.

Maybe your child just showed you that he has picked up the “F” word. Then there is work, church gatherings, groceries and forgotten payments.

And now your child doesn’t want the dinner you prepared.

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Walk away.. but we will pursue with love like God the Father pursued us.

I have zero experience in parenting, but I am taking the freedom to write on behalf on our church community. While the teachings from the Heritage video series are Biblical eye-openers and are important to follow, please know that we intend to be gracious towards you when you fail to trust in God while parenting.

After all, what is most important is not that children obey parents every single time- they won’t, they are sinners until Christ saves them.

We, being born-again, disobey our Father God multiple times each day. Does God come after us with the rod of discipline each time we fall? Has then, God failed as a parent?

You must discipline your child to save their soul (Prov 23:14). But may your children see that you are pursuing them just as God in Christ pursued you.


Parenting is part of your journey to eternity. “This too shall pass”, as the Lord uses parenting to make you more like His Son (Rom. 8:28-29).

We are called to make disciples-especially of our children. Parenting will never eclipse the Great Commission Jesus gave us. To this end, bring them up that they may hope in Jesus, just as you do now.

You do not have to prove anything to anyone, especially to us, your church community. Forgive us, your family in Christ, if we judged you. We are sorry. I hope none of us abuses the joyful accountability we have. We are called to be patient just as Christ was patient with us (Col 3:12-13, Gal. 6:2).

May you learn to emulate our Heavenly Father’s parenting. To Him you will always give an account, so please don’t do your own thing.

You are deeply loved in Christ,

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