Marg church camp : Re-align 2014

It’s that time of the year!

No, not Christmas, not yet.

Church camp!

What are your expectations of a church camp?

I don’t know about you, but I expect a lot of, weekend-tranquility, a nice break in the lap of nature and time to catch up with church family from across Marg, Pune. And one of the best places to have a church camp is YMCA Camp Lakeside, Nilshi. When did we last visit YMCA Nilshi?


Re-align 2012!

After a bumpy and scenic ride, we spent 3 days full of fun and learning the very DNA of how a Biblical church community looks like, the characteristics of the organic structure based on the good news of Jesus our king. Looking at the life of Jesus and the first church itself, we studied our church community guidelines on –

How to identify ourselves – Family

How to be on God’s mission and not our’s – Missionaries

How to serve one another during the week – Slaves.

We learnt life-basics of rhythms, and committed to re-order our lives around rhythmic activities of life so we can use be on mission not just on a particular day, but throughout the week. It is good to take time to ponder and realign our lives with our Lord’s purposes- and to that end, church camps ROCK!! We also had a great time rock-climbing, kayaking down at the beautiful Andhra Lake Some of us even managed to turn our kayaks upside down in the lake. (Don’t worry, life-jackets!)

Expecting Holy Spirit to be at work mightily in us weak vessels for Him,

Re-align 2014.
YMCA Camp Lakeside,Nilshi.
December 5th- 7th, 2014.

“Life is a great adventure, especially on the journey to eternity.”

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