Our Story

Several years ago, back in 2005, a few godly Americans gathered together to start what was then known as Kerusso Bible Church. They preached God’s word with authority and taught many. As these men were leaving Pune in 2009, they invited Vivek Jones to pastor the small community. With time God burdened Vivek with a vision to reach the lost within the city of Pune. This involved the hard task of re-churching the community. It was not easy as some took time to understand, some refused to understand and some eagerly tried to understand it. Many moved on and some stayed. With much prayer and by The Spirit’s working, this small community started reordering themselves around the upward call of making disciples of all peoples in Pune.

The learning-curve took time but started yielding fruit as we started seeing not-yet Christians from the neighborhood and friends hear the gospel and get saved. Finally we started seeing the Spirit moving the wheels of Marg. Today Marg is continually evolving to be a gospel-centered, bible-guided and Holy Spirit-dependent and empowered ‘Jesus community’ obsessed with making disciples. We constantly remind ourselves of the gospel. This is fundamental to remember who our God is and who we once were. Today, as a family, we live highly inter-dependent lives through the week for the sake of the mission in our neighborhood.

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