Marg – Baner

The Baner Missional Family is the church family that meets, grows and serves at Baner. Other than meeting on  Wednesday nights to enjoy good food, study God’s word and talking through how we can help each other grow in the faith, we also meet as often as possible through the week for making disciples in the context of missions. We desire to be a community that encourages each other during the tough times, celebrate Gods goodness and live life for the purpose we have been created for-by grace calling more communities to serve Jesus.

The church family at Baner is involved in serving the neighborhood by calling the community to think through issues of sexual abuse and ways to make our streets safer (Project Serve N Protect). We also invite our friends and neighbors who don’t know Christ to join us as we live our everyday life rhythms so that they may see how a people saved by grace live by grace. Our mission as a family here is to passionately proclaim, through word and deed, the gospel of Christ and thereby plant more believing families in our neighborhoods.

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