Serve and Protect.

Serve and Protect (SnP) was formed in the aftermath of the sensational Nirbhaya rape case. An initiative by the Baner Missional Family, SnP meets regularly to discuss strategies to reach out to our neighbourhood by focussing on spreading awareness about sexual abuse. This takes place primarily through presenting our material both to children and their parents, and through engaging the community to proactively participate in protecting our streets.

The aim of SnP is three-fold. One, to serve the community by addressing ways to protect women and children. Two, to help victims of sexual abuse find healing. And three, to involve the community in thinking through what is the root cause of and the ultimate solution to sexual crimes. Through these discussions, we seek to expose sin (particularly the sin of lust) as the chain that imprisons man’s heart and Jesus as the one who redeems them.

Read about one of our members’ journey here.

Sachin Rawani – +91-9766828954
Aravind Pulickel – +91-9822182570.


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