My Jesus, My Hesitation – Part 1

“I want to talk about Jesus to my seniors. But then, I think again- what if he has a bad opinion of me if I do that?

What if that affects my appraisal and I am denied a raise in salary, which will then affect my family?”

This was a dear brother in Marg admitting his hesitation to speak about our Saviour Jesus Christ, to his senior colleagues. He is a follower of Christ & he has disobeyed Christ’s command (Matt 28:18-20) to make disciples.

I admire his honesty in a world where hiding one’s flaws is the norm. Listening to him helped me because- the fear of “what would people think when they hear that I am a Jesus-freak” is a perennial battle from which I would rather fly. And the recent anti-Christian power surge across India, does not help.

I believe talking about Jesus should be a joyful rhythm in one’s life, not an excruciating process where you check over & over before you speak your mind about the power, mercy & love of Christ and encourage others to surrender and follow Him!

Then what’s the problem with my brother at his workplace? And why do I hesitate to speak up?

It’s not hard to grasp– I want to preserve my self and I think that’s O.K.  I do not want to be identified with Christ, if that means discomfort of any sort.



This mean I do not want people to know my real ID – I am a Christ-follower, but try pinning an ID card saying “Christian” to my chest, and I might fight you like a beast. I do not want to identify with my beloved Jesus nor his servants who suffer across the planet daily.

What’s worse- it is easy to continue life without letting ANYONE in my society or workplace know that I follow the “mighty Messiah” I sing of, with my church family. My “reasons” to stay this way abound:

I need to support my family first.
I need to use “wisdom”.
I need to be a good example first.

I hope those arrested in M.P because they were bold for Christ better not hear that I would rather NOT identify with them, the people of God.

Do you bring up Christ in conversations these days gladly?  Will you be honest in your response?

“The world is more willing to receive the gospel than Christians are willing to give the gospel.”   – Tahir.

From “Dispatches from the Front” by Tim Keesee.

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    1. Oh yes. That’s how my wife and I felt when we read those lines from “Dispatches”. And the guy who said this was working in a place where they finally forced him & his family to leave.

      But will we believe what Tahir has to say?

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