‘PK’ – A Marg Movie Review

“Believe in the God who created you, not the gods you have created.”

This line sums up the main message behind PK, Rajkumar Hirani’s movie that has the largest collection – Rs. 339 Crore in India at the time of writing this- and also has managed to stir up a controversy with some religious outfits calling for its ban claiming it had hurt their religious sentiments.


What then is PK about? The movie revolves around a benign alien played by Aamir Khan, who visits the earth to learn about it’s inhabitants. After the loss of his communication device, he soon gets named PK and begins experiencing human nature – and the human belief in gods who can help them. The movie is about his quest for the device that leads to encounters with a crowd of ”gods”, religions and godmen.

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Enjoyable yet makes you think hard
Right from the beginning, the movie had my wife and I laughing out loud over PK picking up a local language, what with his hilarious questions and interpretations of all things Indian. Aamir Khan’s role of the child-like alien, caught unawares in a wild world, teeming with scheming people, grabs your attention. While the story is well done, this is not the only movie from Bollywood that has questioned godmen, idol worship and India’s religions. But unlike the Akshay Kumar starrer “Oh My God”, “PK” with its innocuous questions, scrutinises gods not just godmen.
The director Hirani claims to respect Hinduism. With PK, he seems to have tapped into a growing profusion of Indians who have seen through the powerlessness of idols in representing God. Indeed, that concurs with the Bible (Psalm 135:15,18, Jonah 2:8). I too believe idols can never represent the only God, who is the fullest expression of person, and therefore are a false front, a “wrong number”.

What didn’t make sense
All movies inform. They make an attempt to transmit to viewers the key message the director wants them to leave with. I feel Hirani does a great job asking questions we all need to hear about our gods. Unfortunately, I found PK’s answers too shallow.

1) PK leaves God undefined
“Worship the God who created us”? Well, WHO created us?

A main element of worship is finding satisfaction in the object of worship. Does he expect us to worship someone we do not know? In fact, almost every religion will claim to be the One direct link to the Creator God.
Is Hirani suggesting we chuck the claims of all religions because they are man-made? Is that not the creation of another man-made faith? Who is to say then, which man-made faith should we follow? Rubbishing all religions in a superficial manner is just throwing the baby out with the bath-water.

2) Will the real children of God please stand up?
While it would be ridiculous to expect ‘PK’ to be Christian in it’s world-view, PK uses phrases like “we are all children of God”. It seems Hirani doesn’t mind borrowing from religions for the sake of argument. But what if the Creator God has to say something about what kind of children mankind really are (Eph 2:3)? PK seems to question all assumptions, but this one is left untouched. Probably for good, because the movie would not have had the impact it generated. It’s after all a movie, not a documentary.

3) The total rejection of fear in religion
While there has been an abuse of fear for personal gain, which I strongly oppose,  is fear always manipulation? What if the Creator God values justice so much that He will not spare even His own Son Jesus to see that justice is done? Some faiths might value people enough to warn them about the God’s punishment for those who are unjust in any manner.
Maybe fear is not always bad. Is that not why we warn children not to play with fire?

4) Contradiction regarding the Christian faith
Hirani’s accuracy in relaying the message of Christ dying for the sins of people is commendable. But he has not done enough research on, at least, the Christian faith. One person in the movie actually says, “if God wanted me to become a Christian, He would have made me to be born in Christian family”. This misunderstanding of the Christian faith, now propagated, saddens me.

The notion that you become a Christian by being born into a Christian family seems to make sense, right? But can a child born into a family of doctors be declared a doctor?

That makes no sense at all! Hirani actually contradicts himself here because PK says earlier in the movie that “no one is born with the stamp of religion”. Then how did the Christian child come with the stamp of Christianity?

The Bible says we are ALL born sinners, displeasing God with our selfish hearts from birth. No one can become a Christian on their own without surrendering to Christ and believing in His mind-blowing sacrifice for their sins, displaying the Creator God’s true love towards people who don’t deserve it. I expected a noted film-maker like Hirani to not promote basic misunderstandings about faiths. I only hope his depiction of other religions in ‘PK’ have been accurate.

5) God is obliged to answer us. Really?
“PK” also portays the popular idea that God will help us in trouble, or when we are in need. Which is why we see Aamir Khan’s character running from temple to mosque to pray for his device. Interestingly, the Bible gives no guarantee of answered prayer.

Even Jesus’ final prayer to avoid his own murder, gets a ‘No‘ from his Father, God. Why? Does not God love people?

God loves us best by doing His good purposes, not ours. This is a hard pill to swallow for me too, but our nation needs to know this God, not some butler who exists to serve our needs.

Why I would not want to be PK
I loved the character ‘PK’. He is unassuming, something we all cannot be easily. He is shown to be the ideal we need to be. But I don’t need to be like PK. He seems to be content with enquiry after enquiry.

Though questions are important, we were not made to just ask questions.

I love being like Jesus, because my personal questions of life, death and true satisfaction have been graciously answered in Him.

Wish someone had taken the trouble to tell PK life is not about our questions or our needs- it is about a relationship with Jesus, that only He can grant us.

Go watch it!
But I realise it’s easy to throw stones at a movie that stands out shining among many others that ruin our lives starting with lousy posters. So, here’s to PK for raising some excellent, relevant questions, for talented acting and a hilarious yet touching story-line. Go watch it before that spaceship leaves.
And if you have questions that make your life lool , I suggest you bring them to the Bible.

What did you like or not like about ‘PK’?  Please share your comments below.

– Aravind Pulickel

Disclaimer: This blog post only expresses the author’s personal views for which the author claims sole responsibility. The opinions expressed do not necessarily represent the view of Margfamilies. Those who find any content here objectionable, may contact the author at aravind (at) margfamilies (dot) com for clarification.

13 Replies to “‘PK’ – A Marg Movie Review”

  1. Well thought and well written bro! You more than just echoed my thoughts about the movie but also articulated it pretty well!

    1. Deepu, bro!
      You are being generous here..! I remember looking at your Orkut status long ago and being inspired to think about movies & the Christian faith. So, I can thank you for some inspiration. Have you watched PK yet?

  2. Correct, Aravind. In addition to your post, I also think the deal about our ‘identity’ is missed out/overlooked/discarded by most people. Yet, that is what PK — on earth — should have pondered upon. Being alien among humans, PK was in the best position to appreciate the knowledge of God and his own identity as a creation of his (whose purpose is to be an agent in proclaiming the divine plan of grace by participating in God’s redemptive story), but he never pursued that knowledge himself. He only believed what others told him about God. He wasn’t a truth-seeker, he was a miracle-seeker. The fact that our identities are so broken, when we make gods to ourselves, could (& should) have been brought out, at least, since it naturally flows from his deductions about religion in the film but that didn’t happen either. Jesus does the phenomenal job of reinstating correct identity to us so that our existence makes sense irregardless of whether we understand/know God’s redemptive story or not.

    I guess Hirani and PK will have to come to Marg to know the neglected way of the cross before that. 😛

    1. Hahaha! True that, ‘GD from PR’. Is that you Anurag?? 🙂
      Would love Aamir Khan and Rajkumar Hirani to join us in a discussion at Marg, right?

      Thank you for bringing up the fact of identities. In fact, someone was recently saying that PK seemed closest to the first man without flaws, Adam. Not ashamed, without sin. But like you pointed out so well, PK sought miracles, not the truth. Turns out even he doesn’t want what God wants!

      And the ending shows that he stops being a true man- he tells the girl Jaggu a lie and leaves. The DNA of us selfish people had affected him too, and he became one of us, only for the worse I believe.

      Anyway- can you imagine a movie with the Jesus of the Bible and PK in it? It would be soo insightful!

  3. Amazing stuff.. Specially loved the part where you’ve written“no one is born with the stamp of religion”. Then how did the Christian child come with the stamp of Christianity? It definitely shows how minutely you’ve noted all these details.

    1. Victoria, I did no spot that gap in PK’s logic until yesterday. I need to thank God for letting me see it huh! 🙂
      Thanks for taking time out to respond to this blog! Highly appreciate it dear sister..

    2. If you have noted any aspect the movie that I may have missed, please share it here!
      I am glad for a movie like PK even if it doesn’t represent Christian faith accurately. It makes me think hard, see the vanity in following my own imaginations or merely human ideas, and helps me follow Jesus- the only one God who makes complete sense.

  4. You’re right in your viewpoint. Any creative work is to be taken at what it aims to portray. Learning from it or living it is the prerogative of the viewer. I am more worried about the growing intolerance that the opposition to PK showed rather than the movie itself. The day is not far off when this spills over into other walks of life other than arts and media.

    1. Thank you Gautaman uncle. I am also dismayed by the railing against a movie that questions religions. Personally, i find the call for the ban, quite opportunistic. It is easy for groups who find their glory in human power, to do what they see as right when they have the upper hand.

  5. Thank you Sumedh.. I am happy to see a fellow writer from last year’s Creative Writing Workshop, encouraging me at Margfamilies. All the best for your writing work!

  6. Hi Aravind: I just discovered this site, and I am very glad to have found it. I am fascinated by the idea of Marg Families, and I would love to learn more. I am hoping to move to India eventually, possibly Pune, and I was looking for a church community just such as this. How happy I am to have found a body of Christ-centered believers, my own family, in India!

    Your review is wonderful; I share a lot of your thoughts on this movie. Indian movies are my favorite kind, and I too have been writing in-depth review-analyses of spiritual themes found in these movies. I wrote one about PK, but I have not had the chance to share it much outside my family because I don’t know anybody else who watches Bollywood movies! I would love to get your opinion on my review, if you have time. Would it be alright if I send it to you? I think that discussing movies is an excellent way to analyze values and themes that stories enable us to share. Thank you for sharing your thoughtful insights!

    May God bless and be with you all. Jesus is King!

    1. Hi Carol,
      Apologies to be writing in quite late!
      Glad to hear from someone with an interest in looking at movies and life itself with God’s Story in the background! You are welcome to get in touch with us. I will email you shortly.

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