A Letter to a Re-conversion Candidate


Dear Re-conversion candidate,
There has been a lot of uproar over recent re-conversions that some Hindu groups conducted in Agra. There is word that more re-conversions from Islam and Christianity to Hinduism are coming in the near future.

As a fellow Indian & a Christian, I want to encourage you :if you wish to re-convert from the Christian faith to Hinduism, please do so – I support you!

If your faith in Jesus Christ has been unable to give you ration cards & a hassle-free life, blame it on our Saviour, Lord Jesus Christ!

He is unfortunately not like so many affluent Gurus our nation has harvested. He is the very Son of God, but He never chose a good life anyway and he didn’t even get a decent death. In fact he promised that we, His followers will face the same opposition & sufferings  He faced  (John 15:20). So why should you follow this troubled path to follow Him?

Also to blame are FALSE Christian teachers who may have TOLD you that you will get all you want in life if you follow Jesus- shame, shame– they seem to not even know that Jesus is not a wish-granting guru but the Final Judge (Acts 10:42).

It is also possible that you were part of a church where the brothers and sisters did not share their possessions with you out of love as Christ has taught us by His supreme example. If they have not done this, and if you are jilted & are moving away, I apologize on their behalf. There is no excuse, but I request you – please forgive us. We are hopefully, learning.

Finally, though I love you, the fact is – it becomes easier for me when so-called Christians choose to follow who their god truly is- money and comfort. Your “re-conversion” helps me see that your conversion was never genuine. It sobers me up and helps me when I know who is truly Christian and who is not.

Your friend & fellow citizen,
An Indian Christian.

4 Replies to “A Letter to a Re-conversion Candidate”

  1. Very true! I hope the re-conversion guys are not ‘persecuting’ converts out of their faith. At the end of the day, true conversion is a gift from God and is that of the heart. Forceful or violent reconversion, then, only becomes a good way to burn excess calories and incite the true God’s wrath!

    1. Yes Vivek,
      I hope that people are not banking on a pro-Hindutva govt’s power, while all actions will be judged by the Living, Impartial God.

  2. Love this article….Faith is a gift and the spirit of God converts us. We as Christians are called to be a proclaim his word. Sharing our faith is the heart of being Christian.

    1. True that, Christopher. Thank you for your supportive words and for recognising the importance and true spirit of conversion.
      Indeed, conversion is of the heart, and is something God does using mere men, to rescue people from due punishment for sins.

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