How The Republic Day is Connected to Movies, Conversions and Your Daily Life.

Anyone who has grown up in the last few decades in India would usually become nostalgic when Republic Day is celebrated on 26th January in India. Case in point- a dear family from Marg Wanowrie church, while on a trip to Sinhagad Fort in Pune today, remembered with fondness the morning parades in their schools and the National parade in Delhi which happens each year. With them, I too remembered the Flag hoisting at my schools, receiving the boondi ladoos and samosas (this I must admit, was what I anticipated the most!) and running back home to watch the parade in Delhi, with all its multi-cultural beauty and prowess on National television. I would look with awe as massive Army trucks and missile systems rolled by- wow!

But there is more to a nation’s Republic Day than fun trips & nostalgia. If you look up “Republic Day India” on Wikipedia, the first line goes – “Republic Day honours the date on which the Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950 replacing the Government of India Act (1935) as the governing document of India.”


“Freedom never comes for free”

A lot of sweat and guts went behind the labour of securing India’s freedom, but it would have all been in vain if the Constitution was not laid out- a book compiled by individuals, not claiming perfection- yet who ensured basic freedoms and scope for overall development.

This is cause for a good celebration, don’t you think? The Constitution of India, which is the ‘reason for this season’ is the cornerstone and the law-book this nation of a plethora of religions, castes, cultures and economic classes, pledges allegiance to. You cannot live in this nation while flouting this book- at least not for too long.

Is this a feel-good post that claims India can celebrate the Republic Day because all is well with our state? No. There is enough trouble on our platter- sinful nature rears its head in many ways. But-

Do you have the freedom to belong to any religion or faith you like?

Are you able to live without a shameful public life and foreign oppression because you are an Indian?

Can you choose to get an education in a field of your choice?

Do you have a job that helps meet the ends?

Can you watch movies like P.K, speak your opinion, travel in public transport, choose a government and use electricity and water?

If yes, you can thank God India has a Constitution. If you are really thankful about the reason behind Republic Day, leave a comment here to let others know.

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