Sanctified Time Pass – The Joy in reading the Bible

Christians will approach the Bible with a range of emotions: hunger, fear, love, apathy, desire, duty, and more. This week, I want to align our hearts to a deep longing, dependency, and nourishment from the Word of God.

5 heart-piercing, thought-provoking articles

22 Benefits of meditating on Scripture
In this article, the author draws from an old dead guy to show us all the pleasures of reading God’s Word. If ever we need motivation to sit down and study His revelation to us, think on these things.

3 Reasons why reading the Bible feels like a chore
So let’s say that you have meditated on those, but still it’s hard to spend just a few minutes with the Bible. Here are some reasons why that is, and some helpful solutions to it.

Helping you delight in God’s Word
Have you ever read a passage in the morning and then by lunch time have forgotten every word of that reading? You can’t even remember the chapter you were on! Here is one way that will help you make that reading ‘stick’ throughout the day.

How to study the Bible with purpose
Now that you have a regular habit of studying God’s Word, let’s not get lost in the bigger picture of things. This author shows us the benefits of remembering what the Bible is all about.

Look at the Book
This is not so much an article as it is a resource. For those of you struggling in how to study the Bible, these series of videos will guide you through an excellent way of getting the most out of your study.

Verse of the Week

Psalm 119 (Read the whole thing, it will melt your heart!)
vs18 “Open my eyes, that I may behold wondrous things out of your law”

Faith-strengthing video

Many people want to know what the will of God for their life is. This video illustrates that the chief way of knowing what God wants from your life is from the Bible. So let’s not complain that we don’t know what God’s will for our life is, and then be lazy in actually reading what it is!

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