Marg – 3 Churches, 1 Mission in Pune

Announcement please!
This weekend, Marg takes theology and makes it missional and truly Biblical!

On November 9th 2014 A.D, Marg will turn into 3 smaller churches in 3 different geographical locations in Pune.
Marg @Wanowrie.
Marg @Baner.
Marg @Kharadi.


Ok wait..

Aww.. No!

Photo credit : Jean Joseph George

Though probably none of us feel great about being able to meet as a city church at Koregaon Park only on the 1st sunday of each month, this milestone moment is such an answer to prayer! As we learnt together from the “Neglected Way of the Cross” sermons faithfully preached by Vivek Jones & the teaching on church & worship by Augustine Williams, we now find an opportunity to obey the implications of what has been taught from God’s truth.

Here is our call to either build our house on rock and flourish or build our house on sand and perish. (Matt 7:24-27)
Also excited are a bunch of guys doing a Masters course from Antioch School of Church Planting and Leadership Development, which called for a radical turn to the first church’s ways of being missionaries in spite of what human tradition teaches us. The apostles were all about establishing churches in the localities they found themselves in. Here is our chance to do the same with hearts eager to serve with the good news of Jesus our King, while staying true to the Bible.

But is not this task full of difficulties, enemies and problems? Are we not a weak people on a stupendous task?
From where comes any confidence?

Because of the One who promises
That’s right. Jesus’ promise to be with us and the presence of Holy Spirit. Come on, that is BIG for us!
As the official communications co-ordinator here– I am almost doing bhangra out of sheer excitement at the journey that lies ahead of us as we thrive as His body in three places to the utmost.

On Marg- for Christ
Photo credit : Jean Joseph George

Your prayers, your hopes?
At this juncture, what are your prayers for our church communities?
What are you thankful for? What are your hopes and not-so-much hopes? It would be good to hear from each one at Marg in the comments section below.

Even if you are someone we do not know, but have been part of church plants, your thoughts are most welcome.

Go Marg- on the redemption road!