Purity #3 : Gospel-Truths Will Conquer Sexual Temptation

Bible, God's Word, Purity series, identity, gospel, rebellion, sin, Bible-reading plan, Armoury of the Saints, Spiritual warfare, God breaks Satan's strongholds, He sets the captives free, dead to sin, dark night of the soul, alive to God

Have you faced lack of interest in reading or studying the Bible after giving in to sexual temptation?
I have. Either I couldn’t “find time”, or my “quiet time” would become two minute-long “The Fast and the Frustrated” affairs.
Even when I could find time, it would be as dry as sandpaper: there used to be tons of guilt over my sexual uncleanness- God used to feel distant and there was no motivation to know more about my dear Saviour Jesus.

Has this been your exprience? Ever wondered why all this happens?

1. Feast on God’s Word

We are beings who live by finding our satisfaction in things or people. Our spirits need spiritual food.

Bible, God's Word, Purity series, identity, gospel, rebellion, sin, Bible-reading plan, Armoury of the Saints, Spiritual warfare, God breaks Satan's strongholds, He sets the captives free, dead to sin, dark night of the soul, alive to God
Eat the right stuff.

The catch?

We were designed to find our soul’s joy only in the person of God our Father and our deepest sexual fulfillment in His designs (marriage or undefiled singleness).

Lust, sexually impure images or adultery, is spiritual poison for us. We will always choose between the feast of God and the feast of the Devil.

Which is why the Bible exhorts Christians to help ourselves to the great feast (Matt 4:4) offered within it! And to battle sexual impurity,

STEP #3: Starting now, remind yourself of the Good News by which you have been given new life, the very life of Christ. Continue reading “Purity #3 : Gospel-Truths Will Conquer Sexual Temptation”

Of Break-ups and Redemption – I

Recently my wife and I discussed a relationship I had entered into as a new believer. I had “fallen in love” with a girl at church I really wanted to be with. I initiated the relationship against the Biblical command to consider only partners who share faith in Jesus. She was not a Christian at heart, and I knew it. A couple of months of superficial joy, merciful interventions & inner turmoil later I broke up with that girl, leaving her clueless & lonely with little excuse or attempts at reconciliation.

Why did I commit these gross sins?

How could I toy with the heart of a young girl made in God’s image?


My wife’s questions on how unfair this was, made me also realize that-

I didn’t want to be satisfied in Christ. I treated the gospel as something only for a non-Christian. I didn’t see that Christ satisfies both the married and the single Christian soul. Even if I saw it, I –

Looked in the wrong places. I followed the System around me, or what the Bible calls “the world”. I coveted a relationship after I noticed other Christian friends in relationships. I figured I wanted what they had. Nothing bad about having a girl-friend when you are committing to marriage, but I took it to –

Idolatry. I tried to live to make ME HAPPY, Not Jesus.
First, I wanted this beautiful girl, hoping she would become a believer. Later when a mentor confronted me about her being no Christian, I escaped pain by not even meeting her to explain why I was breaking up. I protected myself from consequence & shame at the cost of someone else.

I don’t deserve forgiveness from this person or from God.

But God – He is merciful to offenders like me. Jesus’ death for people like me, baffles my mind and melts my prayers into tears. Even now – to find her & beg for forgiveness, would take that unfair break-up towards redemption.

– Aravind

Have you sinned in a relationship or marriage that God redeemed?

“When God says to keep waiting, He isn’t trying to rob you of an experience but rather lead you into a greater one.” – Matt Chandler

2 Slaves.



I am a slave and these chains are somehow,
Not the right ones.
All day long, I want to do what my mind tells me to,
I watch and read what I want to,
I go where I will, I come when I want to,
I eat and drink how I want to,
I think of and satisfy my self with all that I want, too.

I am a slave,

All day long, I long to do Your will, my God.

I used to have passion that burnt bright for Christ.
It was indeed from God’s Holy Spirit,
That passion used for overflow from mine heart to others.
Now where is it gone? Why is it so weak and like,
A tap that sometimes give water and sometimes,
lets its owner down.

Zeal for Your house has consumed me,
You can proceed to empty me to become a slave to Your desires, Father.
May I have no preferences, no rights, no choices except Yours.
I am willing to live and finally die just so that Your name becomes famous,
Through Your work in me.

I hear Your words.
You are the Son of God
I have been with You,
And known myself to be impure,
Filthy in so many deep gashes,
That I have lost count of– but You,
You can count them all.
Depart from me, for I am a very sinful man!
Appointed a son, I should have been glad to be Your slave ,
Mindful I should have been,
of my brothers and sisters,
of others who still don’t know Your gracious ways,
But I betray You – yet again.

My Father sent me to be an offering,
To obliterate the very sins that you refuse,
to let go.
I smell of pure and bloody sacrifice,
The day I gave up my life,
This pure life you could never live- you know it,
But it is exchanged for yours.
Come, take this gift of life & power.

Unclean am I, countless times of rebellion,
No one knows these shameful thoughts & deeds..

Can a man hide himself in secret places so that I cannot see him? declares the Lord.

Do I not fill heaven and earth? declares the Lord.

How can I approach You Lord?
All these ten thousand times..

I laid down my life only to take it up again- brand new.
I was delivered up for your trespasses and raised for your justification.
You are a beloved son. Come.

I no longer desire my ways,
I want Your heart, the heart of the Son,
The heart of the true Slave.
If my Master was the best slave in His kingdom,
Then should I live my life daily and,
hourly, like a master?


The End.



“Do you understand what I have done to you?
You call me Teacher and Lord, and you are right, for so I am. If I then, your Lord and Teacher, have washed your feet, you also ought to wash one another’s feet. For I have given you an example, that you also should do just as I have done to you.”
– From John chapter 13, The Holy Bible