Open Letter to Our Home Minister: From A Happy Beneficiary of Religious Conversion

Dear Shri Rajnath Singh ji,

I am glad that you have been placed in the right place and time to serve our great nation as our Home Minister. Recently, your statements seemed to ease increasing fears among minority communities. I am deeply thankful that unlike certain organisations, you view minorities as patriots.

At the same time, you also said, “Do we need to impose the supremacy of our faith over others? Can’t we decide that serving humanity is fine, but why do people have to be converted to another faith? Why are religious conversions being carried out?

I am bit confused as to how these questions supports freedom to propagate one’s religion as per Article 25 of our Constitution. I am hoping you only meant- Why are false conversions being carried out?

I understand if your angst is against false conversions- I share the same feeling. It is unfair when people use religion as a tool for unjust gain. So I have enjoyed recent movies like PK which challenge false spirituality which sadly exists in Bharat.

But Rajnath ji, did you know that genuine conversion is a purifying and lovely experience? Oh, how can I explain this in just writing!

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Oh, the joy !

Since I have experienced only conversion to the Christian faith, allow me to briefly show how my conversion was  beneficial for me-

I was least bothered about supremacy of religions and demography when someone explained the Bible’s message to my needy spirit. I am part of a people who want to find an identity and a purpose that will make life worth living. When I understood, for the first time, that Jesus would forgive me of my selfish attitude and actions and take up my final judgment by God on Himself, I was thrilled to believe and receive a new life, free to serve Him and my fellow citizens.

And I love telling anyone who would care to listen, that this new life worth living as a servant to Jesus Christ is so satisfying, though it may be full of problems that are to be expected in this world.

Rajnath ji, you asked why can’t we all just serve humanity.

You see , social work never helped me gain a new life full of true meaning and purpose. Surprisingly, my conversion experience did.

That’s why I am so so glad that someone was concerned enough to tell me about Jesus and did not just give me free lunch. Christians helped me understand the Bible when I needed it the most in my life- thank God!
Bharat is home to multiple religions. Each religion is a different source of knowledge, so that people can choose to find God, the Supreme One, in ways they see best. This means some people might choose to follow one religion above another. This will result in conversions, and that is not a problem, it is a BIG blessing.

We all choose one job over another, one house over another.. how can it be wrong to choose one religion over another?

Genuine conversions and re-conversions to any religion are beneficial for Bharat, Rajnathji. We must allow this freedom if we intend to see our great country greater than ever before.  It is heartening to see you, as our Home Minister, concerned for a multi-religious spirit and take a strong stand against injustice on minorities. I hope I speak on behalf of the Bharatiya Christian community, who stand by you to make Bharat what it truly should be,

A Bharatiya naagrik,


4 Replies to “Open Letter to Our Home Minister: From A Happy Beneficiary of Religious Conversion”

  1. Sachin writes –

    In line with the blog, here is my experience of seeing one of my closest friend’s life saved (literally).
    I knew this guy since school, then we were in same college and then went different ways for work.We kept on meeting once in around a year, but this time, the gap was around 3 years,
    and he shifted to a city closer to mine. I decided to meet him and traveled to the place.
    We started talking and I came to know that he was in a very confused state of mind.

    So, this friend was a gold medalist topper at our college, he was intelligent, well-read and completed his MBA before shifting to that city. At the time when we met, his life experiences were holding him down, some wrong acts, some behavioral patterns, were making him lose hope in life. He read various philosophies and nothing seems to be helping him. And….he was having suicidal thoughts.

    I thought of sharing my faith which i have experienced because I knew it can change his life and save it.
    He then came to the knowledge of the faith following that I was having and found the new hope that I wanted him to have.
    He decided to move ahead in and pursue the seeking of the Supreme, the creator God through this path of faith.
    Today, he is a joyful human, married happily and eagerly pursuing the same way of faith.

    I wonder…. if something like a law of anti-conversion would have stopped me in sharing my faith…out of the fear of getting jailed….or punished….and he would have committed suicide or something due to his state of mind..
    …I don’t know how I would have come out of the guilt of not telling him about my understanding of knowing the Creator, God.

    In my knowledge and understanding of life…something which causes human to have a life which is joyful, hopeful, gracious, not selfish, gentle, ego-less etc….is in itself is the deepest form of service to the society….and we should not put restrictions to things which can strongly cause it.

  2. The last comment was posted on behalf of Sachin, whose mobile phone/computer would not let him post at this blog. The conspiracy, I tell you! 😀

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    1. Hi Eugenio,
      Glad to hear that this was helpful! May I know what kind of posts can further be of assistance to you and your community?

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