Astrology ke Side Effects- Part 2

Two weeks ago, Marg featured a post on astrology and the gigantic grip it has on our country. Debates have raged on Indian television on the accuracy of astrology. This post is about what to do with those astrologers who can tell us about our past and even predict events accurately to a great extent.

What if you are a Christian and you see the sense in following such astrologers?

After all, is it not commanded to manage your household well in the Bible? So, what is wrong if, as believers, we try to learn from the best experts in this field and gain wisdom?

There is nothing wrong with getting wisdom. The Bible commands us to do that. But does astrology come under God’s definition of wisdom?




Have you ever been in a situation where your guidance goes unheeded?

You try your best to convince your team of what you know as the right solution, but all you get is the cold shoulder?

You know what the right thing to do is, but your spouse does just the opposite.

You have told your children yet again to not do this, and they care two hoots and proceed to disobey and insult you.

It’s all about trust, isn’t it? Our trust is always placed in those who we believe to be of the most worth and significance.

This is why faith in astrology mocks the most important commandment Jesus reinforces (Matthew 22:35-38). If our trust lies in people who can predict the future based on planetary movements, instead of the One who made the planets,we have replaced God with someone else. And that is the definition of the sin of idolatry.

Finally, since the Bible is the authority for any true follower of Christ, let us see what we find there. What does God’s Word say?

We see that the Lord commands His people not to learn the ways of the nations (Deuteronomy 18:9-11). When God’s people go after soothsayers and astrologers to find their future, He considers it an affront to His love and His care for them. He then warns them repeatedly through the prophets (Jeremiah 10:2). Then He, the righteous Judge, finally pronounces judgement on His own people for resisting his warnings. God even mocks those who claim to see the future (Isaiah 47:13-14) challenging them to predict, if they can, His actions. As Daniel 2:27 shows, even the best astrologers fail and are exposed by God.

Would you trust in the One who spared not His own Son (Romans 8:31-32) to rescue us from our due penalty for sins?

The church is Christ’ bride. May we repent of our idolatry towards the wisdom this world offers and turn to the words of our all-wise King.

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